3ventures BOT


Let’s learn about using the 3ventures.io bot in Telegram or Discord with some examples…. but first, let’s add the bot to a new group based on the platform we’re using:

Let’s get hands-on!

First of all, some of the commands shown will require admin privileges in the chat (from the user point of view) and from threeventuresio_bot.

The bot uses admin privileges to:

  • Read the user admin-level changes

  • Allow it to remove service messages (message pinned, user joined, etc)

  • Expand short URLs into longer ones

  • Kick users out of the chat, for example when a user is reported as a spammer

  • etc

When the user is an admin of the chat, some commands like /gconfig will be available but ignored for non-admin users, we’ll come back to this later in this tutorial.

By default, new groups where the bot is added are just ready to start being used.

So, let’s start with that, let’s add a bot to a new group so that we can get working with it:

We’ve added the bot via the threeventuresio_bot username to our group, and it replied with the welcome message.

Each group has a unique identifier that is used by threeventuresio_bot to store configuration, karma, etc relevant to that group, this makes each group independent from others unless you use the advanced feature of linking them together.

So basic usage is to say word++ or word--:

We can also reply to another message with just ++ or -- to give karma to that user or with == to give karma by simulating the same message as the one replied being sent by current user:

The bot, also speaks different languages, by default it will answer in English, but once it learns from you and the group the bot is in, will automatically switch to the most used language.

You can check the available translations and even contribute to improving them!

And that’s all… we can keep working with the bot as it is, or go ahead with other features!

Put some configuration in place

Setting language

If we want to force the language to use, we can do so with the /gconfig set lang=it command, for setting it to Italian.

Removal of service messages

If we want to remove the service messages, we can do so with the /gconfig set removejoinparts=true command, for example:

Reduce the number of karma messages

If you have a very active group, the number of karma messages might be too high, in that case, set a value for modulo that will show karma counts only after multiples of modulo.

For example /lconfig set modulo=5 will only show karma for 0,5,10, etc karma points.

Adding a calendar

You can add a calendar to be shown by the bot on a relevant day by using:

/ical add “name” URL, where URL is the path to the ICS file containing the events… just remember that if you want to handle for example from google calendar, remember to add the PRIVATE ICS URL so that all events details can be read and published by the bot.

Note, that by default, the bot will post it to the group (your events, with time, location, etc) automatically.

Saying thanks give karma

You can add custom thanks (karma) commands:

which later, becomes active:

This, allows users to seamlessly say thanks, thx or whatever other expressions you want to use to reward and foster community collaboration

Message translation

The bot can translate from English to your channel language

Message broadcastinG

Additionally to the above functionality, the bot can be used to broadcast messages from your ‘announcements channel’ into each of your regional or local groups either without translation or also with automatic translation, so it’s an ideal piece to complement your community management.

Extending it and advanced features

The bot is highly adaptable, so if you want some customization:

  • Custom modules like custom commands (/tip, /contract, /support, etc)

  • Custom logo or name

  • Faster response times by using a dedicated bot for your project

  • Custom thank you words that give karma

  • Custom reward schema based on admin-given or user-given thanks, etc that can convert into project tokens

  • etc…

Let us know, we will study it and get it ready for you!